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For two weeks in June 2003 I built, together with Lars Vilks, a large sculpture assignment in the art project “Earth stations”. It was in connection and collaboration with “Konst i Fyrstad” and their project “Det Goda Rummet”. Part three of this big project during 2003 was called “Earth stations” and had a sub header “Examinations in the landscape”.

Our work was short and intensive and consisted of finding building material (that was my job), transporting of the material to the center of the town (Uddevalla), by the old bathhouse. After that three very heavy days of construction followed. The tower that rose reached 12 meter and is made out of in rough estimation three metric tons of wood. When the project is over in December 2003 the tower will be demolished and the wood will be returned to the municipal recycling where we got the material in the first place. But of course one hopes that the tower will remain as an Eiffel tower of Uddevalla.

Earth stations was built in four cities: Lysekil, Uddevalla, Trollhättan and Vänersborg. The project runs for a six months period from June to December and will involve the schools in the different cities. They can use the Earth Stations for educational purposes and the projects groups intentions has been:

to see and perceive the landscape
to occupy the landscape
and to alter the landscape

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The name ”8 Senses” has raised a few eyebrows. Most people only know only of 5, 6 or 7 senses (according to their own testimony). Therefore it might be appropriate to name the 8 senses. Smell, taste, sight, hearing and touch are familiar for the most. We have also counted with balance, sexuality and the coordination sense. By using these 8 senses and the tower it is possible to discover and investigate Uddevalla.

When it comes to the sexuality sense one are recommended to bring a sexual partner. A suggested course of action can the following be: Climb the tower and spot a location in the surrounding room (landscape). Seek out this spot and make love. Return to the tower and observe the recently visited place. Are Uddevalla and/or that space now altered in your apprehension?


To get a deeper insight in the landscape we call Uddevalla we suggest that you resort to 8 of your sensory organs. These can be activated in the Earth station. The station facilitates both “the outer” and “the inner”. There are countless details in the station that appeals to the 8 senses.

On the first floor one can for example start with tare ones sense of balance with the ingenious balance plate. When ascending the tower your other senses is given ample opportunities to be activated: touch, taste, smell, hearing, sight and sexuality. Aided by the coordination sense general pictures and understanding can be attained. 

Interesting question can be made: ” What does Uddevalla feel like?” Is it hard or soft? Is she (if Uddevalla is a “she”) hairy? Is she watery, stony or organic? What does Uddevalla taste like? Like a lemon? Like oil-mixed fiord water? Or is the most typical taste the one that origin from the famous local sausage (the “Uddevallare”)?

What does Uddevalla smell like? Like exotic perfume? Like seawater? Like fumes and exhaust?

What sounds brings Uddevalla forth? Is the surge of water and the winds soughing in the treetops sometime louder than the traffic? Are there other interesting sounds to notice?

Is Uddevalla an erotic town? Some towns and cities is said to be just that. A study in this fascinating subject arises from the sexuality sense that possibly can be awakened in this place. A comparative attitude can simplify the work: Can we start with that the prevailing imagination that Uddevalla is more erotic than it’s neighboring town; Trollhättan is true? And how will she stand to the comparison with another close town; Vänersborg? Not to mention Lysekil...

Which dominating and intricate images bring Uddevalla forth? Is it rocky hills, water, cranes, chimneys, masts, treetops or architecture? For an ingoing scrutiny of many possibilities the Earth station gives the visitor disposition of a number of “sighting tubes”. These tubes can also be used as “listening pipes”.

Fredrik Larsson & Lars Vilks