The year in review – 2007


The year that passed… Seen like this, in the rear-view mirror, there is a lot of things one already has forgotten about what happened during 2007. Surely it’s not like that for all the blog-readers with good memory, but for the Minister himself there was several feelings of déjà vu when the review was contrived. Here follows a brief and superficial overview of different projects that was carried out during the year of 2007.

The Salad Serenades (NeuroArt), Gothenburg. A stroke for freedom of choice and common sense. The hotel- and restaurant union in Gothenburg had put a one-man business in blockade for several months. The little Salad bar was national news since a whole block of union-connected firms and businesses and a city-office was affected. But the union didn’t listen to argument. Instead they muscled on with arrogant mafia-style arrogance and power struggle. The Minister of Art & Jump and the contributing musicians got a lot of verbal abuse from the ones that was annoyed by a support-concert for a Salad bar.  The concert had to be carried out with police-escort. In may there was a second performance of the “Salad-music” at a local party, and the audience was flabbergasted from the kind of music that could be done by sampling vegetables.



A temporary Ladonian Tourist bureau was set up – and at the same time a release party for a Ladonian Soundtrack, a CD/DVD with specially composed music inspired by  real events from the Ladonian history. The release party was held at Kulturhuset (Culture house) Dunkers Bar & Matsalar in Helsingborg with the restaurateur Björn as a host and adherent of mad art projects. The event enticed a lot of people and the premises was filled to the last stool when the National band of Ladonien had a premier presentation for their new album.


LIVE-set at the release party which also showed videos from the new album “Ladonian Incidents”.

June – July


A somewhat blurred action-snap with the jumper in mid-air. Image credit: Alternator Gallery of Contemporary Art, Kelowna.

HopArt in Canada: North American HopArt Tour – The planning had been going on for over a year in advance. In the last minute it looked as if the whole tour should have to be cancelled – but in the end it was still carried out without support from the Swedish Art Grants Committee. Instead it was made possible with support from several local and national Canadian culture institutions, as for example Open Space in Victoria, Alternator Gallery in Kelowna, 536 in Vancouver, Canada Council for the Arts (Conceil des Arts du Canada) and British Columbia Arts Council. The tour went to three cities in Canada’s western province (British Columbia). The tour consisted of performance (HopArt) and lecturing about the Ministers art and different art projects (for example there was a preview of a pre-production copy of the DVD “Eslöv By The Sea – Part 3”, which is a DVD with specially composed music for the project. The premier HopArt-jump on the North-American continent was conducted in Vancouver. After that jump was carried out in Okanagan Lake in Kelowna. And the final performance three weeks after the first was performed in Victoria’s famous “Inner Harbour”.

September, no – October, no November.
The Esl̦v Biennale 2007 РPlanning and preparations started early on in the fall of 2006. That the fundamental aspiration to surpass the former (Esl̦v Biennale 2005) in quality and dissemination would have unexpected help was something we were happily unaware of during the basic work of preparation. A unique homepage for the Biennale was constructed, and will be online as a documentation of the event. The opening night was rescheduled several times and the starting date was moved ahead but finally, severely delayed, in November the inauguration took place. A big praise for all the participants for their understanding and flexibility!

A couple of weeks before the opening night, a bomb suddenly struck the hectic preparation work. The City of Eslöv, which happened to be one of the head sponsors, banned one of the invited artists (Lars Vilks) – who wasn’t allowed to participate. All of a sudden it looked as if the sluggish-to-start Biennale was going to be called off entirely, when several artists suddenly considered to bail out from the project. After a great deal of diplomatic work the Biennale was carried out with only one deserter (Ralph Lundsten). Nevertheless the Biennale got a completely different side-context and subheading than the carefully prepared theme: “Eslöv, Gothic and Space”. The turbulence around the Biennale was spreading fast in the press, as an example of the breakdown of democracy and a crime against freedom of speech, after local politicians made statements in the papers.


Virtual LIVE concert in Eslöv via Internet.

Even if some of the participating artists changed their contributions and instead commented on the City’s overstep and their interference in the Curators work, the Biennale was still carried out much in the fashion as it was conceived. Several exceptional example of contemporary art was represented. Amongst others a virtual concert via Second Life on the Internet, which probably was the first time ever in Sweden. All the fracas lead of course to that the Biennale got a whole lot more PR than expected. Several papers wrote about the Biennale, more than once, and even the heavier art critics reviewed the obscure Biennale in positive progressions.

Esl̦v By The Sea РPart IV
The sixth part of so far four. A hexology in hitherto eight [planned] parts, as it looks right now. The officially forth part in the art project of virtual history had it’s premiere at The Eslöv Biennale, and took up yet another unknown aspect of the Eslöv history. Built up by collected and given objects a vast treasure of memento from domestic and foreign travels through the years by Eslöv residents. The souvenirs in the exhibitions was from both short and long trips. The Eslöv people was Globetrotters even before the phrase was coined.


Some of the collected artefacts of Esl̦v By The Sea РPart 4.

NeuroArt – An unofficial international network consisting of different artists and musicians that was officially founded the year before but has expanded a good  deal during 2007 . It has also gotten shape and structure  with the increasing numbers of exciting members. Several thrilling NeuroArt-projects has been implemented during the passing year and there are several new projects in pipe-line.

Ladonia – Since several years [10 to be exact] the Minister is involved in the Micro nation Ladonia. During the first year of citizenship he felt that he wanted to participate in a more direct way to the country’s evolvement and applied for and was granted his Ministry (Ministry of Art) that later was expanded to Ministry of Art & Jump. At the end of the year (December 2007) the political situation in the Nation had reached such a state that the Minister of Art & Jump felt compelled to overthrow the sitting President and carried out a Coup d’état and appointed himself temporary President [until such a time when new elections can be carried out]. Several Ministers in the Cabinet supported the new President, a few raised issues against the unconstitutional acting (of course they are right, but it is in the nature of things). Thereby the Minister of Art & Jump is also the President of Ladonia – with the kind support of the Cabinet. As Vice President of Ladonia Kicki Hankell [former President] was appointed.
During the summer tour of western Canada (British Columbia) the Minister was also acting envoy and founded the new colonies (in Vancouver, in Kelowna and in Victoria) and also appointed Governors in the  three new colonies.

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