Minister/President in TV-interview

The TV-performance on local television during the week was carried out by the Minister and his colleagues in NeuroArt when Ladonia, Lars Vilks and Neurobash participated live in the studio in the show “SkÃ¥ne Direkt”. In the show the Minister of Art & Jump was interviewed since the Minister is also the newly appointed President of Ladonia. President Axwik was duly presented and interviewed together with Statesecretary Lars Vilks and talked about Ladonia. The National band Neurobash was also interviewed and played live in the studio. The  interviews, the performance and the whole show can be seen in full at the Local TV’s Web-TV. The Ladonia interview is in the second half of the program.


The National band of Ladonia, performed their latest single and also a new song from the forthcoming NeuroArt-project. The musical is telling the story about what happened around the Lars Vilks-drawing of “the Roundabout-dog”. The drawing has been called “the Mohammed-dog” in media and rendered Lars Vilks, amongst others, a death-threat from the notorious terror-group Al Qaida. But the main reason for the participation in the show was the virtual state and micro nation of Ladonia.


President Axwik was wearing his new t-shirt from the Ministry of Art & Jump with the text: “Freedom-of-speech Fundamentalist” (in Swedish = Yttrandefrihets-fundamentalist). The t-shirt is on sale through the Ministry of Art & Jump with the text either in English or in Swedish.


President Axwik was asked to answer questions about what a President actually does, and President Axwik was also asked to show the “presidential wave” which he uses in different contexts, like official waving-ceremonies.


Ladonian money and the Ladonian flag was also displayed, explained and discussed in the interview before the Ladonian historic overview was cut short.

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