Post #700


Yet another posting milestone for the NewsBlog! Since the start there has been an increasing speed of growth. Blogstatistics has revealed that post number 700 has already been posted even before the news of it’s creation.

Post number 200 was posted March 29 2007. Several new features has been added since the start, a remapping and indexing of all the articles was started last year and is still ongoing. This was done to make it easier to find your way and navigate around the blog via different categories. The “recents posts” is also such a new feature to help visitors to get into the blog easier and quicker.

Browse through the archives and categories or use the excellent blog’s own search-engine to find old articles and experience what is and has been going on, in, at and around the Ministry of Art & Jump.

From the start this blog was intended as a “News Blog” but that changed rather quickly and the blog also became an insight in the life of the artist Fredrik Axwik and the Minister a.k.a Fredrik Larsson – which in fact is not always the same, or two different things… Nowadays the Ministry blog deals with anything that revolves around the Ministry of Art & Jump including thoughts, ideas, art projects, philosophy, psychology, culture – and much more. There is always something going on at the Ministry!

There is an seemingly endless supply (or at least a whole bunch) of topics and subjects that has been considered and dealt with by this Trinity (the Artist, the Minister and the Ministry). Welcome back, and make this your browsers start page – if you use Firefox you can actually add several web pages as your start page(s). The Ministry supports and recommends the use of Firefox browser, it’s fast, free and safe (and very easy to use).

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