Jump = YES Culture Night – 5 Up

The planned jump (HopArt) in Eslöv is a big Yes. The most important obstacle is solved. A new jump suit (Suit to jump in) was bought today and thereby there is no problem. The latest jump on the HopArt Tour (started 2003) will be performed at 18:00 September 15 in Eslöv (SkÃ¥ne) Sweden. Don’t miss out, since this is probably the last jump for this season.

The Culture Night will also bring more of the Minister to Eslöv. As we already told about a new project will be launched about computer based art. The computer art project “RELAX” will be shown at the Library in Eslöv from about 18:00 – 23:00.

At 19:00 a new sculpture will be inaugurated. The sculpture “The Eiffel Tower in Eslöv” has been built during 2 days and with the help of 56 kids at “Culture School” in Eslöv. It’s 8 meters high (aprox. 24 feet). The sculpture is related to the art project ARCHIVE (Eslöv BY The Sea) where it was told that the Eiffel Tower originally was intended for Eslöv – but as everybody knows – ended up in Paris instead…

At 20:00 the art project ARCHIVE will have the opening of it’s third part – new music has been composed inspired by the texts from the first two parts of the art project.

At 21:00 the Minister will be present at the Library to talk about the new computer-art project RELAX.

At 22:00 the Minister will participate at a special, unusual and unique put-together performance by Neurobash. The show will take place at “Ungdomens Hus” in Eslöv. The audience will experience a seldom exposed and a different side of Neurobash and with a custom made Backdrop of computerbased art – made by Fredrik Axwik, courtesy of Ministry of Art & Jump.

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