Pressrelease: DOGS the musical

The second act of the musical DOGS by Lars Vilks with music by Neurobash has now been officially released on YouTube.

The video, directed by Yamo Kawaiah, takes on the story right where the first part ended and contains many surprises, including previously unseen artwork by Vilks. The music is signed Neurobash and the texts have been co-written by Lars Vilks and Neurobash. The musical documents the so called “Modog-affair”, following the publication of Vilks’ drawing of the prophet Muhammad as a “round-about-dog” (a crazy swedish idea of decorating roundabouts with sculptures of dogs).

International press has followed the resulting reactions closely over the last year, ranging from minor protests to death threats directed towards Lars Vilks. What was a simple artwork has become a symbol for the freedom of speech. The musical is, from Vilks, view a way to take the discussion yet a step further on whether there should be a censorship for art or not. As it is now, its is clear, there does indeed seem to be limits to what can be expressed in the open.

For the constellation Neurobash the writing of the music for the musical is an obvious continuation of prior successful collaboration with Vilks, namely the composing of a musical suite for the 10 year anniversary of the micro nation of Ladonia in 1996. This collaboration resulted in a soundtrack album entitled “Ladonian Incidents”, released on Electric Fantastic Sound of Sweden the same year. For the performing of the music live at the anniversary, the constellation was selected national band of Ladonia and is since then the second electronic band after Laibach to become entitled as such.

Neurobash has since 2006 collaborated with many other artists and producers, such as the legendary Swedish father of electronic music, Ralph Lundsten. More about Neurobash at, and more on the various collaboration within the international artist network NeuroArt, co-founded by Neurobash and the Ministry of Art & Jump, at


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