Minister on a crutch

While the rest of the world is dancing and smiling, the Minister is at the moment limping heavily. After banging up the foot in some way Wednesday night was a nightmare of excruciating pain. At 2 a.m. the Minister woke up with a pain never before experienced. After talking to medical personnel, eating a few strong pills and soaking the foot in ice-cold water the pain went down to a more acceptable level. The following day a doctor took a closer look on the foot and ordered x-ray to find out if there was a fracture or not. In the end, the x-ray revealed no broken bones of splinters in the foot. That means that the Minister “just” had a sprained foot. After three days the foot is hardly fit for walking yet and therefore the Minister has armed himself with a walking stick for support in his limping business.


The sprained but not fractured foot.

However a walking stick is a very usable weapon of self defense and there are several techniques to master. The Minister is now to be considered armed and dangerous after having studied the art of stick fighting. The Ministers walking stick of choice is of course a nice Derby walking stick. An elegant wooden walking stick made from English Beech and beautifully finished with a satin lacquer. See below how he handles his stick. Be warned.


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