WTC 2008, Victoria Canada (BC)

Top story today, is of course the Ministrys announcement today of the officially participation of the EMOAJ Team in the 2008 World Telekinesis Competition.


The WTC is being held in Victoria (BC) in Canada May 16 – June 14, 2008. It was in February that the Ministry got the invitation from Canada to enter the WTC, and now we can confirm the participation. The Minister was invited to Canada last year (June-July 2007) to perform his HopArt. The trip to three cities in the province of British Columbia was a highly successful tour and led to several new cooperations. The host of the WTC, Deluge Contemporary Art and the Noxious Sector was however not among the organizations that stood behind the HopArt Tour of North America. Parts of the Noxious Sector was although very helpful to the Minister while performing and working in Victoria. Mr Jarvis deserves a special credit for his toil.

Read more about the unique competition at the official WTC website.


The official banner of the EMOAJ Team (courtesy of Noxious Sector).

The World Telekinesis Competition is an open event, and all teams who have satisfied the submission requirements have been included in the competition. If you like you can check out the teams in the competition and check out the detailed information about the different participating teams here. Read all about the EMOAJ Team.

Note: The name of the EMOAJ Team is of course an acronym of the Eternal Ministry of Art & Jump. You can read an interview with the organizers of the WTC here.

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