Last week (17)

During the week that passed (last week) the Ministers/Presidents foot has getting better fast. It’s almost back to normal and the Minister keeps forgetting his walking stick all over the place. We think he’ll park it for good, or at least for now. Hopefully it will take a long time before it’s needed again.

The spring has hit the Ministry for real during the week, ans especially during the weekend lot’s of leaves on the threes has started to grow. And it’s budding everywhere. The Chestnuts threes are the earliest as usual. But also the lilac (“syrén” in Swedish) are going green now. The gardener reports that the lawns are growing fast and at the moment his filling up the lawnmowers for a new go. The second for the season. It seems the summer is finally closing in on the Ministry. The Ministry gardener also reports that the frog-move has been going on during the week and 13 specimens has been located from the cellar to the Ministry Pond. Frogs only. It seems all or at least the most of the lizards have been moved already.

The Minister is also reported busy in locating a”day-job” to economically support the Ministry.

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