This week (20)

The President and Minister of Art & Jump made a little road-trip in the beginning of the week, meeting people in Dalby at the Konstfabriken (Art Factory) to discuss autumn-plans. More about this later.

The weather has been icy winds and rain in the beginning of the week. The hot weather disappeared as suddenly as it first appeared, but in the end of the week a little warmth returned, not at all as warm but still – in Sweden you can’t be picky with the good weather.


The Ministry gardener reports that Lilac’s are in full bloom now and the pre-summer air is thick with the fragrance. The summer has been flirting with the Ministry, especially last weekend, but now it’s more back to the ordinary. Warmish, but not warm and definitely not hot. The rye has already got it’s ears. The Horse-chestnuts and the Rowan is blooming, and the apple threes are completely covered in white.

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