New Ministry Personnel

As from today an extremely well merited man, Mr Jack O’Neill, has been hired and will be heading the newly appointed legal department. Mr O’Neill is from Vancouver, Canada – where by the way the Minister of Art was working during the summer last year. The newly appointed Mr O’neill is former airman and has a past within the US Airforce where he served as Colonel/General for a top secret militairy unit. His position was that of a troubleshooter and security expert (sort of). Contacts between the Ministry and Mr Jack O’Neill was made by the NSA and CIA in accordance with a Ministry project called “Message in a Bottle” which is being meantioned here. The cooperation was much appreciated and has now led to the hiring of Mr O’Neill’s services. His work at the Ministry will be in the legal department as mentioned above. Mr O’Neill will be the Ministry Legal Expert. The official titel of Mr O’Neill will be “Chief Barrister of Intergalactic Loop-holes”. Mr O’Neill will be working out of Vancouver and will also be in his cabin in Minnesota where he enjoys fishing, walking in the wilderness and spend time with his family.

Mr O’Neill in the field, from his time as Colonel in active duty. Image credit: USAF

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