will be missed…

It has with shocking grief come to our attention at the Ministry that the actor, theater professor and painter Don S. Davis recently passed away.

Major General

Don S Davis

Davis made his first and in some way his most profound impact on the Minister when acting in the TV-series of Twin Peaks (but he did so much more than that, he acted in numerous feature films and several dozens television movies). The Minister has very few heroes/idols, but since the role as Major Garland Briggs Davis held a special place in the Ministers heart when it comes to movie-stars.

Major Garland Briggs was a U. S. Air Force officer involved in Project Blue Book. His work was highly classified; he didn’t tell even his family about it. The role can be seen as a precursor to Davis’s character Lt. Gen. George Hammond on the series Stargate SG-1, who is also an Air Force officer deeply involved in highly secret projects.

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