Last week (29)

The Ministry carpenter reports that in the beginning of the week the work with covering the solar panels was almost completed. Small details are still to be taken care of, but that can wait until the final coupling work are done. Pipes have been ordered. The next job was to change a broken window in one of the outhouses and put a new plates on the gable.

The weather week has been so so. Monday started out cloudy but sunny, tuesday rainy and 16 degrees and the week ended with a real downpour. It was raining cats and dogs, as the englishmen say… But now the better weather is expected.

The pair of parus major (or Great Tit) (swe. talgoxe) thas built a nest in a drainpipe has been busy feeding their little ones, by the minute.

The busy parent scouting for more food for the little ones.

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