Disaster struck the Art-world

News have reached the Ministry about the disastrous happening in Las Vegas some week ago… The biggest known deal in art-history (139 Million Dollars) for a painting went haywire, when the owner (Las Vegas Casino magnate Steve Wynn) of Picassos “Le Reve” (The Dream) accidentally punched his elbow through the canvas… If I had a insurance-company I would say it sounds almost like a fraud or a hoax… I mean, elbowing you’re multimillion-Picasso in front of eyewitnesses… My first question is: Can they prove that it was the original that got poked? In all my years with art and painting I’ve never managed to run my elbow through any canvas. But again, I guess I lack the sharp and powerful elbow of a Las Vegas Casino man…

Read the whole story in The New Yorker or the (almost unbearable) gossip-version of Nora Ephron (and remember I warned you… a more superficial report I hope I never have to read again…). Actually, the only interesting thing about it is the ethnologically enlightening insight in a totally different world and way of life.

In fact, the elbow-history has already established a special day in Ladonia – 18th of October is “the Elbow Day”. It’s already been nicknamed “Give Nimis an Elbow Day”, when all patriotic Ladonians should go and give an elbow to Nimis. Ladonian Cabinet members ask themselves: “Does this show that Ladonian art is harder – and in this respect better – than the art of Picasso?”.


Picassos “Le Reve” before the elbowing.

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