Duck and cover – won’t help. The worlds biggest experiment has now kicked in and we’ll see if we are here to talk about it tomorrow. The worlds biggest particel accelerator was fired up at 9.30 local time in Geneva, Switzerland. The European Organisation for Nuclear Research (CERN) stand behind the experiment that has been called “the Doomsday experiment”. Fully operational it will give the beams of particles the same energy as a car driving in 1.600 km/h… (this is a LOT of energy).

Some fear that they might open up a black hole – and that is of course bad news for us all… But the scientists say it won’t be a problem. The black holes created are so small and will vanish in no time at all “almost before they are created”. Sounds like a time-machine…

Without sounding like a Dooms-day prophet, I’d just like to point out that the scintists that flicked the switch to the first atom bomb, did so without knowing the true effects. They didn’t know for sure that the chain-reaction wouldn’t create a chain-reaction that would blow up the hole planet, maybe the galaxy. Still they pushed the button. (OK, here goes. Let’s see what happens now – flick, click, KAAAAAA-BOOOOOMMMMMMMMMM).

A 27 kilometers long ring, 90 meters under ground. Today it will only test-drive. But very soon paricles are made to collide and a black hole might be the result.

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