Replicating Warhola

As we said before, the long long paint-strike is over (for this time)… The Minister of Art is painting again after having been on a strike since February 12 this year! First of all a t-shirt of a long-time order was made ready for delivery. (Oh, that reminds me, I should call Goran…). Anyway. The other first task after the long abscense of paint-smell was an excavator (or what ever the name for it is) needed something that would give it a twang.

Aaaahhh… there’s nothing like an empty canvas!

After doing a replica of a Warhol same years ago I decided to give it another try. Warhol Replica II was put up outside the garage of the first replica. It shows in the background of the picture above. (Otherwise here’s a better picture of it perhaps). After the first days painting it showed promising progress. The paint used  is a very special type of metal paint that can be painted over during the first 8 hours. Then it hardens for 14 days to withstand rust and mechanical wear in an excellent way. This makes it interesting, or possibly a bit hard, to plan and execute the paint job. Especially since I work with 6 or 8 different colors and values that are intertwined in the typical Warhol pattern that I use/ try to replicate.

After a day or two of smelly paint.

The pattern was first used by Andy Warhol in the 1970’s when he painted a car for BMW. When I was to paint in 2005 I applied it on my own car after recreating the pattern bit by bit on a sketch of the car from pictures of Andy’s car. During the work I ran into some minor obsticals and after scrutinising the pictures it seemed Andy had the same problem as I had trying to recreate the same values of the colors while painting the car.

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