Overload III- New Ministry Spa in business

When the overloaded car overstuffed and overfilled arrived at the Ministry a hectic job took place. Everything was to be unloaded starting the morning after the arrival. The big and obsticale puzzle of putting all things together again commenced.

The biggest problem shoved to be the foundation. Without this protective and soft underlaying the new Ministry Spa Pool would be much more exposed. Note supports and pump in the foreground. The boards were put together and cleaned before the really heavy job started.

After carefully having rolled out a big pack of rubbery plastic pool the tedious work of filling it with 16.000 liters of water. The first 6.000 liters were pumped over from the old Spa Pool. But after a while we kind of lost patience and called for help when it was obvious that a four hour rain-dance didn’t help.

A call to the local fire-department rendered the Ministry a visit of their tanker truck and a quick tranfer of 10.000 liters of fresh-water started. The Minister of Art got to do the work himself of holding the giant twisting water-hose that pumped the thousands of liters of water with an immense water-pressure. The pump was actually a rebuilt car-engine… After about 25 minutes the new Ministry Spa Pool was filled to the brim!

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