NeuroArt projects displayed

During the weekend the Minister will participate at the Castle of Löberöd as part of an Halloween exhibition, after invitation from Ingela Jarlsson, the current artist in residence of the old Castle forge. NeuroArt projects will be projected and displayed
as well as text-material from the ARCHIVE exhibitions. Every night in the twilight hour a light-show will start and show video installations, computer art and specially composed music from the two projects “Eslöv By The Sea, part 3” and “RELAX”. Mr Axwik will be present to present the projects.

Ingela presents a retrospective of her painting and sculpturing. She is also selling two of her own books of poetry and art.

Picture of and from the DVD project “Eslöv By The Sea – part III”


View from the old castle forge and part of the exhibition.

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