Sick Minister…

Once again the Minister has come down with a nice autumn-cold. (No wonder the Minister hates this season and suspect he might been born into the wrong climate zone). This time however he went to the doctors immediately, instead of going around dragging this with him and thinking “it might go away”. At the visit to the doctor the verdict came very quickly. Some sort of infection in the airpipes combined with a rhinosinusitis (sinusitis). No beating around the bush (even if the Minister suspects that Bush deserves a beating, or at least being slapped around for a while…).

However. (Sorry for drifting off topic there for a while). Back to the health-issue. This is nothing that a does of penicillin and cortisone (hopefully) can’t cure. Oh, great then, so at least the Minister wasn’t imagining. The Minister will now go back to his laid back position on the couch and think some presidential thoughts.

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