DOGS in Stockholm

Tomorrow it’s premier performance for the musical DOGS, finally, after censoring and defections. It’s all about a little round-about dog… The round-about dog became globally famous last year when artist Lars Vilks received a death-threat for drawing a round-about dog with a turban on it’s head and naming it “The Prophet M as a round-about dog”. Not many people knows this perhaps, but in fact there’s a saying that “The dog is mans best friend”.

It seems Al Qaida didn’t know this. I wonder if they know what a round-about dog is, or even a round-about. So while driving to Eslöv (where the above mentioned drawing was censored in Nov 07) this video was shot. In fact, if you listen carefully you can hear the dog sniffing for his round-about…

The musical are being set up in Stockholm tomorrow (November 22) in cooperation with the Ex-Muslims and the Humanists. The musical consist mostly of video and tells/ recreates the story about the round-about dog and the happenings around it’s creation and the following débâcle.

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