This Week – Rat at the Ministry!

The snow is falling, the pond is getting filled up more and more every day and it’s getting on the cold side… The autumn is no fun and that is the main reason for this sections absence during the last months. But today it surface for a while. Biggest and baddest news is that THERE IS A RAT AT THE MINISTRY! Just imagine what a mess such a darn rodent can make in the Ministry computer central. One bad bite and the whole network can collapse! We better let the cats in…

Outside the first snow is falling over the Ministry and it’s newly installed sunpanels… They don’t do much good under an inch of snow, that’s for sure… We will have to see what the wintersun can do when it somes to thawing and reaching in. The sunpanels are otherwise delivering hot water of 50 C. as soon as the sun shine through the think blanket of clouds that seem to hover up here in the north. Too bad it doesn’t shine that much, or that long… It’s almost pitch black at around 4 p.m. (16.00 hours) and it’s still getting darker.

On the bright side the Minister managed to fix a stuffed vaccum-cleaner! The new “sucker” has otherwise been a fierce predator for dust at the ministry. It can almost suck the paint of the walls!! It was a mystery worthy of Ellery Queen but finally it was solved. It was in the collector where a serious amount of dirt and crap got trapped inside. But after careful investigation it was possible to loosen a pipe (that seemed solid at first) and there it was! Half a kilo of dust and other unmentionals was disposed of, and the new sucker was up to speed again! Excellent!

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