Democracy rules…

The thing about democracy is that it rules, yes, but if it works or if it really is a good idea is something completely different… Just see what it got US into with the Republicans. It was democracy that put them, and Bush, and all his pals into office (if he didn’t cheat the little shit).

There’s also another problem with democracy we have to take into consideration… It’s not always (or ever?) that the majority is right… the only thing that is certain about the majority – is that they are in majority. If they are right or wrong has nothing to do with it. Democracy has given US (to take one example) guns (almost) everywhere, and (in many states) the capital punishment – that is: “you can’t kill people, that’s utterly wrong and if you do it, we’ll kill you.” Not very clever or right… Perhaps Wright wing, but not right.
Let’s not linger there, my basic argument here is that – sure, democracy rules, but it sucks. (And OK I present no alternative and Democracy is a very misused word, I know, I know…)
aristoteles.jpg platon.jpg

(Aristotle and Plato, founders of Democracy?)

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