Earthquake at the Ministry

At around 6.21 (local time) this morning a minor earth-quake hit the Ministry. So far no physical damage has not yet been detected but it’s still pitch black outside so it’s hard to say. The quake hit the Ministry personnel in the morning rituals and was quite severe. It shook the house and sounded and felt almost like when a huge chunk of snow on the roof starts gliding and fall to the ground. That was also the first notion that went through my head. The only thing is that there is no snow at all for the moment, and it was going on quite too long for that. It was a surreal feeling and another thought that hit me was why the authorities hadn’t made it known that there was an earth-quake to expect this morning. Very sloppy. It seems we aren’t that developed (as we might be led to think sometimes).

Rumors this far has it that it was a 4.7 on the richter scale, which isn’t much compared to all the other big ones that has hit on a global scale. But it sure was enough to rattle your bones and make you nervous.

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