Quake update

More details about this mornings Earth-quake has now been released on radio and tv news. Under swedish circumstances it was a very powerful quake. Apparently it was the most severe for over 100 years. Reports are now pouring in from the whole country about the effects. Still no damages have been reported but seismologists say that houses may have developed cracks in the facades.

The epicenter was located some 30 or 40 kilometers south of the Ministry and was felt widely around south Sweden, northern Germany and parts of Denmark. Seismologists also say that we might experience secondary quake/s within in a couple of days.

The quake went on for about 5 seconds. It’s amazing how many possibilities the brain flick through to find a reason for a momentarily experienced phenomena. Those 5 seconds felt a bit longer in real time, than it sounds when reading about it… The second floor of the Ministry Whitehouse was trembling and shaking very noticable and we even had time to ask one each other “Is this an earth-quake!?” while thinking: is it a storm, a collapse, avalanche on the roof, a big tractor hitting the house or possibly standing outside? For a split second one also thought it possible for the house to actually fall to pieces and I remeber thinking “what da heck am I supposed to do then!?”

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