10 yrs Anniversary

It is now 10 years since the Ministry got an internet connection. Of course, this was 2 B.M. (before Ministry), since the Ministry wasn’t created until around 1998. The first connection was through the telephone line and a modem of 28.800 speed. It was very fast at the time, when most users was on 14.400. Since then we have gone over to high-speed internet (I won’t say broadband, even if this is a popular term, but we need even higher speed than 1 MB/s to call it a broadband). The government’s promise/goal never happened – “Broadband for everybody!” (hey, that sounds like a totalitarian regime’s promise at election night). Since the start the Ministry has receive an uncountable number of electronic mail, some wanted and others not – not to speak of SPAM… Funny thing was when my ISP (Telia) at the time sent me an e-mail saying in short that “we will stop the spamming now and you will receive none in the future”. I never got much Spam at the time, but after that note and following action from my ISP something went utterly wrong. Spam started to fill up my inbox with a never-before seen speed. Today, 10 a day is not unusual. I wonder what my ISP did… (ISP = Internet Service Provider). Since it’s 10 years anniversary, nothing would be more appropriate than some sort of manifestation. And nothing would be more suitable than an art-project which I’ve been working on for years now. It’s working title is “Virtual Poetry” and will be presented in a not too distant future. The Ministry will let you know. More information about this will follow.


A 28.8 Modem – that started the Internet adventure at Ministry of Art & Jump.

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