The Network is dead, long live the Network!

As told about earlier the Network NeuroArt suddenly “died” in December last year. Someone decided to pull the plug and almost effectively killed off a joint network with several members…


The Network lives on and the last month or so have been very busy in building up the networking again, find a new on-line structure, a new and viable name and last but not least connecting the existing members to the “new” network.

In reality the Network changed name and most of the members decided to stay on the ship. In fact, several new members that were in pipe-line has also entered into the new network. The new name of the network is NovelArt and during December and January Ministry of Art & Jump has started up a new site, which has been set up and worked over. It will be properly and officially introduced and launched before soon. All previous references to NeuroArt obviously intends NovelArt. The link-name in “categories” have thus been updated (changed name) as well.

NovelArt has now it’s new unique website and blog up and running, and there are already a few things to read and go over for visitors, even if the site is not officially opened yet. If you like to sneak a peak, feel free to hitch a ride over to the State of NovelArt.

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