Speaking of 10 yrs Anniversary…

If you attended the 10 year anniversary celebration of the micro nation Ladonia this summer you probably noticed the media coverage. Three cameramen with high definition video cameras where documenting all the happenings during the festival day and especially the live music acts.

The material is now being edited into a DVD by NeuroArt together with Smartfilm, who made all the documentation. The DVD, entitled “LIVE IN LADONIA”, will contain material from the instrumental and vocal settings, along with brief interviews with the Secretary of State Lars Vilks, and Fredrik Axwik from the Ministry of Art & Jump. The Minister was the arranging party of the celebrations.

Release date is planned for early spring 2007 – stay tuned for the release. A pre-release of the forthcoming DVD-material will be shown at an unique occasion in Linköping December 16 at the local underground waterhole “Elsa i Underjorden”.

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