Last week

Last week was a crazy week, especially weatherwize. Hail, blazing spring sun, blizzard, rain, rainbows and gray days. All in a week. The record must have been Tuesday which started out with a blizzard, ditch rally and fender benders. It was incredible slippery roads. The ministers day-job this day included big rig truck driving, which became extra interesting with the icy roads. While waiting in line for a red light I looked out and saw that my rear wheels was slowly spinning in spite the fact that the truck was at a complete stand still! At noon (same day) all the snow was gone, and the sun was shining from a clear blue sky. The on-board mascot for the day was “Teddy”. He showed to be not exactly the killer-type. A very gentle soul and his bark proved indeed to be much worse than his bite.

Come friday the Ministry completely missed the Earth-Hour in spite of a thorough preparation. Disaster! However the Ministry started late that night but held on for hours as a compensation. The day after we discovered that it was in fact Saturday that was Earth-Hour and not Friday. Curtain…

As mentioned before the Minister is engaged in day-jobbing. It means for the moment, truck-driving, recycling and assisting art teacher/ creative consulting. The creative art work is really nice and involves coaching future artists into a creative approach. The future artists are in the age 8-16 and are afternoon students at a local art school (Culture School).

Last day of last week the Minister undertook a trip to Malmoe for a short visit to the 2009 Sci-fi convention. A brief meeting with the attending guest Chris Judge made the whole trip worth while.

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