An unusually bright phenomena (satellite?) passed over the Ministry this evening at approximately 22:50 local time. The night sky was still rather bright at the time. Almost no stars visible yet (yeah, it is like that this far north on the globe – a bit of midnight-sun). The bright lit object was passing from (roughly) north-west to (roughly) south-east in a very HIGH speed. Satellite-speed. But it was 5-10 times bigger/brighter than the usual satellite-size. The unidentified object was traveling in a steady course with a bright steady light/shine. No flashing lamps, so no airplane… (too fast for that also, and soundless). So I’m guessing UFO or a low flying satellite. I just wonder what and who’s it was/is. The international space-station are more of a static object isn’t it? And I’m not even sure it’s visible at this time of year (or ever?) in the south of Sweden.

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