In the middle of Hammenhög

The HopArt in Hammenhög at the performance festival LUR went good. There was a few obstacles, like the shortage of water… Apparently Hammenhög don’t have much water (lakes or rivers). Not even a decent fountain! So the Ministry had to find a solution for this problem and it was solved by bringing our own water to the party. A small pool was set up and then filled by the local fire-fighters. 6.500 liters of fresh water was filled into the little pool in a blink of an eye. Then the scene was set for the jump! At 18.00 local time, the Minister was dressed for protest. Before hand several new protests had been added to the protest list by the people in Hammenhög. A table was setup for people to sit down by and write down anything that was annoying them.

Minister at work in the middle of Hammenhög. The Minister seems to be hovering over the water, just like that guy in the New Testament. But the camera is pulling your leg, Minister is in fact frozen in Mid-Air. The pose made the photographer refer to Yves Klein (and his “Le Saut dans le Vide” we presume) which of course is very flattering. Image credit: Leif Elggren.

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