Ministry report gone missing in Canada

In Canada the Art & Culture is under fire it seems, and from the government… It has been reported that the B.C. Ministry of Tourism, Culture and the Arts has removed all links to a report on the socio-economic impact of arts and cultural organizations from its website. We wonder why… Here’s an article with the some what pc answer. The report is from December 2006 but older reports from 2005 is still up. It seems someone don’t want people to read the report.

Well… The British Columbia government has started to cut grants and it seems that they (the BC Government) doesn’t recognizing that arts and culture are economic generators. Their own data indicates that for every dollar spent, there’s a $1.38 returned in tax revenue. Good business in other word, so what is their problem really?

For safety the cashed document of the report has now been added to this Ministry Website for backup and future availability. From now on you can access and read it here.

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