Solstice Activity – GCP & GO

The Global Consciousness Project (, runs a network of Random Event Generators (REGs) around the world, which record changes in randomness during global events. The results show that human consciousness can be measured to have a global effect on matter and energy during widely-watched events such as 9/11 and the Indian Ocean tsunami. There have also been measurable results during mass meditations and prayers.

The Zero Point Field or Quantum Field surrounds and is part of everything in the universe. It can be affected by human consciousness, as can be seen when simple observation of a subatomic particle changes the particle’s state.
“We hope that a huge influx of physical, mental and spiritual energy with conscious peaceful intent will not only show up on Princeton’s REGs, but will have profound positive effects that will change the violent state of the human world.”

To effect positive change in the energy field of the Earth through input of the largest possible surge of human energy a Synchronized Global Orgasm. (There are two more US fleets heading for the Persian Gulf with anti-submarine equipment that can only be for use against Iran, so the time to change Earth’s energy is NOW!)

Today on Winter Solstice Day – Friday, December 22nd, is the time to join in on the G.O. In the place of your choosing and with as much privacy as you choose, and at a time of your choosing. If you want to synchronice it go to the homepage to get a countdown-clock. The people behind the event wants everyone to join the project everywhere in the world, especially in countries with weapons of mass destruction.


(Note how cunningly the artist have created the effect that the figure’s eyes will look upon you even if viewed from the side).

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