Odd sock day

At the Ministry it’s Odd Sock Day today, when the rest of the country is having a cold and wintery time. But in spite of subzero temperatures (-10 C this morning) and abundant snowdrifts and ice sheet we are heading for spring. The almanac and some tell tale signs are saying so… We are entering the “age of iciles” and reports about falling iciles (or rather iceblocks) have been common during the last 10 days or so. At the Ministry the thick snow sheet is living a retreating life under a harsh spring sun. Some days it’s plus and the spring flood is lurking around the corner. Some days it’s lots of water on the roads and in the ditches when the sun is starting to melt all the snow. The sunpanels on the Ministry-roof is already coming up to 80+ nowadays when the spring sun is out! But still, it will take some time for all this snow to disappear… As they say in the northern Norway:

“A few good summers, and we’ll be rid of this snow.”

On a different note. The Ministry is gearing up for spring and summer. After closing the fifth ARCHIVE-exhibition, next in line is now “Konstrundan” and a cooperation with a very famous swedish female electronica artist. Plans are cooking for the “Friction Performance Festival” in Uppsala which have invited HopArt in mid-June and also an unlikely 30 year Ladonia-related anniversary later on during the summer. But more about this further down the line!

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