Ministry last few weeks

Well… even if the Minister just have got used to this winter-thing and shoveling snow – it is probable that it really is summer. During the passing week it’s been record heat – a typical night-round includes having a whiff of the atmosphere and look at the sunset. The whole north side of the sky is lit up like a sunrise, at 23.20 local time… It’s a kind of magic, the Nordic solstice night. And around Midsummer the FULL moon was hanging/rising… How often is it full moon and Midsummer at the same time? Actually! We’ve had some really hot week(s) now, almost a heatwave. There has already been more days at the beach than total last year! We like it like that. And as established in a discussion with an Australian – anything over 25 and closing in on 30 is considered a “heat-wave” in this area of the polar-region!  On a not so hot today it’s time for a bbq and some tequila! Always a Texan at heart. This is proof. Several outdoor breakfasts has been enjoyed. Freshly picked strawberries and canesugar, with newly baked bauette and a big cafe au lait. Aaahhh…. The HOT days has given rise to that there is only one thing to do – cooling off… Beer, garden hoses, lake, driving with the windows down, beaches and occasionally a sip of Cinzano-drinks with ice and lemon. 😉 The last few days the Minister have felt like Karate-kid… Wax on! Wax off! (The new car has got a few new coats of car-wax.  And of course… everything in Sweden has been revolving around the royal wedding that finally took place some weeks ago, when the weather was a bit so so and the Minister bit his tongue for no reason at all.

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