X-mas, vacation, traditions and food

The Ministry has recently been temporarily on a low readiness due to the big weekends. The Minister has been reported being very relaxed and laid back and generally just taking it very easy. The big weekends (Christmas) traditionally bring heaps of food. This year was no exception. The swedish smorgasboard is only topped by the swedish “julbord” where heavy food is copious plentiful. This year however brought new traditions from south Europe – Christmas day outdoor barbeque! This is “a must” in a great part of the world and the Ministry acknowledge and adopt the tradition from amongst others; Balkan, Romania and the micro nation NSK (friend-state of Ladonia) – the tradition to get outdoors, gather around a campfire and make an outdoor barbeque on December 25.
The fire
The firewatchers
The Chef

The X-mas day BBQ brought deliciously marinated chicken and pork – and a stuffed belly. Our skilled Chef served the grilled meat with baked potatoes, a cold spicy garlic-sauce and a salad of fresh red cabbage with oil, vinegar, salt, pepper and dill. A fantastic symphony of tastes, and a new tradition that connect the Ministry with another cultural experience. The weather on the Christmas Day was almost unbelievable nice with clear blue skies, a warm winter sun and calm winds 5-10 degrees Celsius. It felt almost like a spring-day in sweden! It’s always nice with a good weather even if the fire was warming. The sunny winter day made stronger internal medicaments (fire-water) to fight off the cold, totally unnecessary.

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