Exit wound

The shot and then taped up thumb. Note the entrance-hole on the glove…

Had a little encounter with a nail-gun today… For some reason it poked my right thumb. Maybe it was pissed off, what do I know. It was fast as lightning and I didn’t even feel the nail go in, but realized pretty quickly what happened anyway. In fact it went clean through… To make a long story short – it bleeds a lot when you put a nail through your finger. Take my word for it, don’t try this at home… I was forced to make a visit to the local medicine man who could clearly see an entrance wound and an exit wound. Good news! The bullet is not left inside. By the way, when my make-shift bandage was removed it started bleeding again. “Good” they said. “We’ll let it bleed a little before we clean it and tape it up”. Bloody hell, I tell you, those people really like to see blood. Anyway, the medicine man thought I was lucky. (Lucky!?!) It could have been a lot worse. The nail missed the bone, it missed the nail and it will stop bleeding in a couple of days… So, thumbs up, but not really.

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