Ministry Plans

At the Ministry this week it’s been very busy. Lot’s of meetings due to no day-job and all the new contacts this has brought on. It’s a busy life having no day-job! A heavy spring storm is raging outside at the moment and ones mind are slowly coming to terms with the fact that the winter might be over… The spring is here! Being outside a day last week in the sun made it obvious it’s really warming now. The flies has awakened, as well as the spring flowers. Snowdrops and such! Even the lawn starts looking a bit green now and I’ve already spotted the first Butterflies!! The Ministry projects for this year is taking shape more and more and one of them is now picking up speed for real! Sponsor-money is showing up. Real contacts have been made with several companies and people surrounding the project. Fource is due in November. A pier is planned for September, and before that a world-record attempt in street-painting will take place in June. And July might mean HopArt in Russia… More about all this later of course. Planning and plotting is under way. Since a trip to Russia is being planned a few images from this big country will surface now and then here at the News Blog starting today. First image in the series “From Russia With Love” is this:

– Russian Spa
Have a nice week-end!

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