Lost and found!

For over a year, a vital document at the Ministry has been missing, presumed lost. But today it was found by chance! It is the list over the protests collected in Uppsala at the jump in Fyrisån. The list from Uppsala contains some very interesting attitudes, very specific protests, both from a local and global point of view.


The long uphill stretch to the Castle in Uppsala
Expensive parkings
No parkings for people living in the city
People who doesn’t like Art
The new motorway (E4) is too close
Bad language handling
The bad summer weather
That the socialdemocratic politicians say they won’t build a new skate-rink
Bad environmental judgement (for ex. flying to vacation)
People who walk slowly in narrow passages
Topless (Roof-less) Bus-stops
Kids that are in the way in shops
Royal Weddings
The aversion against Public Art
Reduction of SU for students
Cold toes
Parents deaths
Cold rain
Fizzy water
Trash in the river
Shaved armpits
Michael Bolton

The Uppsala HopArt Jump

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