More FAQ’s

Q: Why do cars run perfectly until the day of inspection?

A: Murphy’s law/Karma (aka tough luck).


Q: Why are there life-jackets in the IT-Room?

A: Obviously someone haven’t been able to adjust the sprinkler system to the right pressure. Be ware!


Q: Why do the cat throw up on the clean carpet, instead of the dirty one – even if the cooking fat hasn’t puked for a month???

A: You might think it is Murphy’s law or Karma. But first of all, cat’s do not have the same reference-system as humans have. So it can be as easy as that clean carpet doesn’t smell as good as the rest of the nest. Simply put, cat’s like shit. That is why cat’s may take a roll in the litter-box to get that nicely perfumed furcoat. (They just seem clean…). In fact cat’s mark up their whole world with their own scent. They have special glands for this, placed on the side of their head. So when you think they are all cuddly and nice rubbing up against your leg, they are in fact just going around and placing their smell, making “this is mine”, “this too”, “been here”, “stay out” and so on. So to return to your question, why the cat puke on the clean carpet – it is to get that nice “lived in”-smell.

Or it can be a hairball combined with a hint of bad luck.

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