Rick Santorum wants to be the next President in the United States of America. (Read that line again). And Rick Santorum says he wants put an end to the distribution of pornography in the United States… (And read that line again too).

Oh Hell… he’s driving the “Obscenity”-train… Be ware of this man my friends… Next you’ll see he finds that swearing, or education (oh, yeah, he’s been barking up that tree already), or heresy will be whipping-offense. And soon after that the prisons are gonna fill up real good. And executions will up up up… This guy represents seriously disturbed people. Makes me afraid of the dark in the middle of the day gaddammit. I say Rick Santorum & Co to purgatory, right this instant.

What we need to think of is that he’s not just a lonely nut, he is a nut, but he has a truck-load of turds with him. People that think he’s a good guy. People that actually PAY (a BIG pile of money) to put him in “all the right places”. He’s got a BIG staff of people that work their behinds off to see him in office… He has a campaign-staff that writes his speeches – that think up what his next move should be. And all of these fellows think Santorum is on the level, we have to conclude.

I just wish someone tookk this guy serious and start asking him real questions. Like, what he thinks about Chinas economic impact on the US market… Or questions about how he could create new jobs, a better environment and a sustainable society? What does he think about the Euro? And Europe? Would he consider capital punishment? For what offense? Porn? Gay-porn? Gay-marriage? Would he start a war if another country would produce and sell porn in America? Would he go to war if he found out that another world leader masturbates or (God forbids) aren’t circumcised? Were will he draw the line? Would he consider to ban Coca-Cola instead of pornography – given the impact sugar has on the human brain. Will he say “God bless Ahme-rica” at least three times in every speech? Has he been smoking weed? Masturbated? Having sex before the age of 30? Has he been lying, considering lewd conduct or been thinking of little cute alter-boys…? And what’s his idea about the Pope running the show, actually?

I’ve said it before. And I will say it again: “Anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.”

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