3 days…

OK… I seldom read the papers. In fact, I never buy one if I can help it. However, these stories keep popping up everywhere on the Internet, so still I’m subjected to these weird stories sometimes. And sometimes these  stories creates more questions than it answers: A woman was recently ordered to stand trial in Australia, accused of breaking into a man’s home and raping him. The woman (aged 39) pleaded not guilty to one count of aggravated serious criminal trespass at the man’s home, and one count of rape.

At trial, prosecutors will allege that the woman, broke into a house while its male occupant – was lawfully on the premises.  (OK, so when is it un-lawful to be in your own house – assuming you’re not on a 5 mile restriction from your ex-wife or something?). They will also say she broke in with the intention of committing a further offence of rape (!). Finally, prosecutors will accuse the woman of raping the man by performing an act of oral sex without his consent. (Has he never heard of “Just say NO” and if you don’t want to, Mr Wiggly usually aren’t that keen at standing to attention…).

Prosecution documents, filed with the court, allege both offenses took place at a suburban location between September 20 and September 23 last year. (For 3 days? 3 DAYS?? Three whole days!?!?!? I’d say that anyone keeping it up for three whole days is consenting – at least a little…).

There must be more to this story… And now you see why I don’t buy Newspapers. And I strongly advice anyone against it.

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