PRESS RELEASE HopArt in LONDON – PoliNation: 2nd International Conference on Micronations

This weekend the Ministry of Art will attend the 2nd International Micro nation Conference at Chelsea Old Town Hall in London, July 14-15. The Minister of Art & Jump Fredrik Axwik will represent Ladonia ( as a delegate together with the Queen, Carolyn I. The Minister will, amongst others, perform the Ladonia National Anthem since he will perform a HopArt Jump in London. As this is written the place is not set yet. Perhaps in the neighborhood of Serpentine Gallery in Hyde Parks Serpentine Lake or such, since everybody that I’ve consulted has strongly recommended against jumping into The Thames…

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I helgen kommer Konstministeriet att delta i den andra internationella mikronation konferensen i Chelsea Old Town Hall i London, 14-15 juli. Konst- och Hoppministern Fredrik Axwik kommer att representera Ladonien ( tillsammans med landets Drottning och kommer bland annat att framföra Ladoniens nationalsÃ¥ng i och med att ett Hoppkonst hopp kommer att utföras i London. I skrivande stund är platsen ännu inte spikad. Ev. i närheten av Serpentine Gallery i Hyde Parks Serpentine Lake eller nÃ¥t liknande, eftersom alla har avrÃ¥tt mig Ã¥ det livligaste angÃ¥ende att hoppa i Themsen…

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