Don’t call me Jim

Another day, another problem… Damn car alarm won’t let me in after all the juice went out of the battery. And there´s no trapdoor. Not even an ejector-seat. Rain is pouring down on a Monday morning and I have an appointment at my  physiotherapy’s… After feeling stuffed, smoked and totally lost I managed to find and download a user manual on-line, and after calling the support and talking a bit with a Master Yoda-technician (early on a Monday morning!) I got a few tips about localizing the hidden shut-off button – and Muua-ha-ha (evil genius-laughter). After a few minutes crawling on the cold garage-floor with a shiny lamp I managed to find the secret shut-off button! (And I felt like a particularly successful hacker). Turns out I had an even better alarm than I thought. Turns out a have a frigging 007 alarm system with a secret built-in button! Man… I love Mondays!

I would just love it to end right there… But this chilly, gray and rainy Monday had more in store… The car went fine all the morning. Appointment sorted. Then away to pick up from school. There, outside it harked and stopped. Game over. Towing was all it was in for after that. Now it resides at the workshop. Hopefully nothing too frigging expensive. Stay tuned… (Not sure I’m too fond of Mondays anymore).

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