Todays Ministry weather

Hard Winds and snow. Temperature -4 (Celsius) and with a chillfactor about -15. Snowdrifts measuring up to 1,75 meters. A 25 meter strip took about 2 hours to excavate – with tractor. To clear it by hand (and shovel) would not be an option. Weather forecasts for tonight doesn’t look promising.

2 Responses to “Todays Ministry weather”

  1. nytida Says:

    Worse than at Aeongate / Nytida it seems. Keep the spirit up! Surely summer is coming … sometime in September or so, at least. Good thing you have a tractor!

  2. ministry Says:

    Yep, without it we would need a chopper (Helicopter). It doesn’t seem like the summer is coming, more like a premature ice age… But no worries, a few good summers and this snow will go away! I think I excavated about all together 3 meters snow now – and more is coming :-.