Let the last be the first

It’s time for a micro-pause week! High time! After a month full of waiting and preparation, let’s face it, December is one of the busiest and heaviest month. A month of xmas hysteria and then on top of that the New Years eve! A time for happiness and future ambitions. A time for reckoning and accounting. Have the year been properly successful? With all these musts and wants, it’s really time to slow down. Pull the brakes. Stop and relax. For a moment at least. At least once a day. Follow the micro-pause rule: take 3-5 minutes and do nothing. Sit down. Or stand up. Go out or go in. Look. Relax. Listen. A micro pause can be like an Earth-hour for your soul and/or for your creativity. So take a break! Start slacking now. In fact, slacking is not an option – it’s mandatory. We run too much and pause too little. Take this week and try to take micro-pauses a couple of times every day. Ask yourself “why not?”, ask yourself why you wouldn’t have time for a micro-pause. Just pause and do nothing.

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