Je suis Larsson

Minister of Art - at FB

“It takes a man to suffer ignorance and smile.” No matter what they do, be true to yourself. Hello Facebook. No matter what, Je suis Ministero Arte y Salta.

One morning I couldn’t log on to facebook any longer… Weird… I got this note saying they suspected me of not using my real name. (I’ve used the same “Minister of Art” since I first joined Facebook in 2008 or so…). I thought maybe they just wanted to keep a record of my “real name” somewhere, so I filled it in and Bingo. I could log on. But imagine my sursprise when I found out that they changed my username!! No more Minister of Art… So I wrote this confession of a sort:


Facebooks latest dirty trick forced me to change to my given name, and at the same time it drew a small family secret out in the open. When I first started out as an artist I was very reluctant to use my real name since the name Carl Larsson holds a bit of anticipation in the Art world. I even changed my surname for many years! My late great-great uncle Carl Olof Larsson was a not half-baked painter and as a young emerging artist I just couldn’t bear the crushing weight of being compared with him and judged as being “the new Carl Larsson”… Such things tend to put a lot of strain on a young wannabe artist… especially if he actually hates to paint. To be judged side by side with my great-great uncle just made me feel very inferior. Since then I’ve made my own way through the Art world, striving, sometimes long outside the beaten path, for a painter. I just hated everything with painting and made my way into storytelling and performance instead. Eventually I studied to be a painter and today I don’t have that same fear of painting anymore (although I still don’t do it much at all) and recently I changed my legal name back to the family name again. Regaining control of my identity. Thanks a lot Facebook. But this was not exactly how I envisioned me coming out and telling it as it is, but your trick have now forced me to take the final step.

Je suis Larsson!


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