Happy Independence Day!

I just had a discussion if you’d say “Glad Självständighetsdag” or “Trevlig Självständighetsdag” in Swedish for “Happy Independence Day”. I said, yes. In principle… I guess you’d rather say “Trevlig självständighetesdag”, but both sounds weird in Swedish. Perhaps since we don’t have or celebrate an Independence Day. Sweden don’t have any. So I guess we are still suppressed, or something… ????

No, but seriously, we’ve never been invaded since the wars with Denmark and Norway ended (in 1600-something), and I think the usual Swedish way of pretending that nothing happened by not acknowledge it, is very much at play when it comes to those wars… (War, what war? We never lost anything, and we certainly wasn’t invaded. That land was Danish and/or Norwegian then. So it wasn’t Sweden so we cannot have been invaded…).

And when it came to WW2, well, let’s not mention the war… The sweetest way to describe Sweden towards Nazi-Germany is to say we bent over backwards to please Hitler and his pals. They we’re A-OK. Hell, Goering even had a summer-cottage in Sweden and was married to a nice Swedish-girl named Karin (or Carin). And everyone was Nazi in Sweden! Until the tide turned… and then we became very Anglo-friendly all of a sudden, and those damn Krauts could go fuck themselves. And no one was nazi anymore. Until recent years when the old nazis started a new party in Sweden calling it “The Sweden Democrats” – but let’s not mention that to the voters. They might be upset. Let’s just brush it in under the carpet, as we say here in Sweden. Donät mention it. Pretend it was never so.

And by the way, Sweden was never occupied during WW2. Nope. We were neutral! And handed over shitloads of iron-ore to the Nazis – as much as they could use. Just to be extra neutral. And we let their soldiers go home on leave through Sweden in special trains. That’s how super-neutral we were in those days.

goering carinhall

Goering and Karin in their nice little Swedish summer-cottage.

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