Great art-work For Sale!

Some years ago the Minister was hired to make a great (big) artwork – a wall painting for the public sector. The painting was very appreciated and was painted in the localities were it later was on display. When the Minister was hired for the task he more or less got free hands. The Minister gratefully accepted the mission and carried out sketches that in fact was given to the enterprise for approval. Non of it was refused.

One incident during the paintwork was a unsuccessful attempt to destroy one part of the wall painting. Apparently some nut case decided that a castle in the air was “too foreign” and was “not accepted” – as the perpetrator wrote in big black letters right across the castle…. From that we can conclude that the last idiot hasn’t been born yet.

One lady of Indian origin saw the painting at one time and expressed awe over how very Indian it looked in it’s architecture (even if the Minister was only fantasizing a building). Today the artwork is dismantled and are now up for sale. Take a closer look at the project and painting at the Ministry website, were you can see it both in detail and bigger images. The wall painting was painted on boards to be movable and are screwed to the wall through several holes. The wall painting measures approximately 2×11 meters (roughly 6×33 feet).


The “Carpe Diem” wall painting (2×11 meters). If you have the space for it, you can now buy it!

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