Ladonia celebrates 10 year anniversary

The Micro nation Ladonia celebrates its 10 year anniversary

Saturday, the 29th of July 2006
(12:03) 14:03 – 18:03

12:03 Opening ceremony
14:03 Main program begins, speeches by state secretary Lars Vilks and others.
15:03 Performance by Minister of Art and jump, Fredrik Axwik

Between 14:03 – 18:03, live concert every hour with Neurobash ( with special music composed for Ladonia.

The celebration will take place at Nimis, Kullaberg, Skåne

The Nation of Ladonia was proclaimed on 2 June, 1996, on the site where Nimis and Arx are standing, as a consequence of the blatant inability of Swedish authorities to implement their decisions and their lack of control over their territory. Since Ladonia is constantly manifesting its existence and getting broad publicity, it has grown increasingly real to many people.

Ladonia, in turn, has given rise to numerous events and incidents. Ladonia embodies many of the factors that characterise and maintain a nation, not least the continuous regeneration of the relationship between the legal system and the nation as a historical construct.

The continuity and activities of Ladonia, with its 12,000 inhabitants from all over the world, are maintained via the internet. Thanks to the internet, Ladonia gained even more international media attention in 2002, when thousands of Pakistanis applied for Ladonian citizenship in the quest for a better life. Today, app. 30 000 people visit Ladonia every year.

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