Cats, atmosphere & space weather

Today we have three new kittens at the Ministry, not baptised yet… The Ministry is filled with music of “Astral Projection”. Otherwise on the chilly side outdoors (funny how quick one get’s spoiled with 28 degrees celsius!). After last nights little performance of the Salad Serenades the Minister is a bit tired… zzzzz Let’s have a look at todays space weather before the Minister needs to get out and perform some sheet-metal works.

Solar wind
speed: 479.8 km/sec
density: 3.7 protons/cm3

Updated: Today at 0836 UT
X-ray Solar Flares
6-hr max: B5 0730 UT May23
24-hr: B5 0730 UT May23

Updated: Today at: 0830 UT


Sunspot 956 is decaying rapidly and poses no threat for strong solar flares. Credit: SOHO/MDI

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